Isaac Turner

Post Coffee Cat and Old Fashioned Festival Parade


So my friends and family do so much and make some pretty cool moments happen. We had a float in the Newberg Old Fashioned Festival parade yesterday. Sooo cool. Jordan Lutz, Tommy Rice, Sarah Turner, Natalie Horton, Olivia Donaldson, Devon Emerson, Alma McGuire, and JD McGuire thanks so much for everything that went into that to make it happen. The show at Coffee Cat right after the parade was very cool as well. Seen some friends I haven't seen from high school and a family that I haven't seen since my days of pre-school. Craziness. So blessed for these moments :) IT (10:42am)

Post First St Pub 7-25-14


First St Pub you never disappoint :) Sooo much fun last night. I have to say it every time but everyone who was there or had some part in the event thank you. People drove from all over, Eugene, Vancouver, Corvallis, and more. We were dancing and jumping and getting straight crazy. The Loop Station Trio opened up the set and than I got to debut the new five piece band that just destroyed the place. Let me introduce you: Tommy Rice - Electric Guitar, Jordan Lutz - Bass Guitar, Kale Walker - Drums, Alex Graham - Electric Guitar, Isaac Turner - Acoustic Guitar and Loop Station (Me) Life feel really cool right now. Thank you friends, family, and the world. IT (10:57 am)

(The 7-25-14 First St Crowd Last Night)

Post Cornerstone Show 7-19-14


Cornerstone last night was a moment filled with friendship and all kinds of crazy memories.. Lets see... felt how cool it was to be on a street bike. Talked to a guy who pulled a 64 MG out of barn and restored it. My buddy/bass player Jordan Lutz got his ratrod truck on the road and we did a photo shoot with it. The Loop Station Trio did a full 1hr 30min set with me last night and grateful to share the stage with these old friends. Cornerstone and McMinville thanks for the night and the memories :) (IT - 12:24 PM)

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