Isaac Turner

Post Kerr Farm 8-30-14


Love going back to the hometown where I grew up to play music. Awesome company and great food. It was a good night :) IT (11:02 am)

Post Horse Radish 8-31-14


The Horse Radish is always one of our favorite places to play. The staff is so nice and treats us really well. By the end of the night the whole place is dancing and singing and we all have an awesome time. - IT (12:38 PM)

Horse Radish - 8-30-14


Going back to the Horse Radish this Saturday. Always have so much fun at this place. Looking forward to seeing you there if you can make it out. Music starts at 7 PM.


Post Trees 8-23-14


If you were at the Trees show last night you got to see a pretty epic show. Hardly even used the loop station. Stripped it way back and did everything like I used to with just the guitar and voice. Add in another guitar player and bass and it was really cool. Changed the tempos up to vibe it up and fit the atmosphere. Really cool night :) 

Post Concerts In The Park - North Plains 8-22-14


Concerts In The Park out in North Plains was such a blast night. Its a really small community and everyone knows each other. They made us all feel right at home :) Special thanks to Katie for making the whole thing happen, Margaret for booking it, and the Mayor for shaking my hand. Epic. - IT (10:10 am)

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